Products supplied by EASTM:

Insulation materials and accessories

Calcium silicate pipe section, Calcium silicate board, Calcium silicate cement; High temperature calcium silicate pipe section, High temperature calcium silicate board; Mineral wool insulation: Mineral wool blanket, Mineral wool pipe section, Mineral wool wired blanket, Mineral wool slab; Glasswool insulation, Glass wool pipe, slab, blanket; Perlite powder, Perlite pipe section, Perlite board, Ceramic fiber blanket, Ceramic fiber board, Ceramic fiber bulk, Ceramic fiber cloth,paper, Ceramic fiber tape, Ceramic fiber rope,  Fiberglass yarn, roving, woven roving, chopped strands, chopped strand mat, SMC, Fiberglass fabric, Fiberglass cloth, Fiberglass mesh, Fiberglass tape, Fiberglass rope, Fiberglass mat, Aluminum foil, Rubber Plastic foam insulation, Phenolic foam,  Polyurethane foam insulation, Polyurethane pipe, slab;PIR foam insulation; Foam glass pipe, Foam glass slab; PEF; Aerogel; Accessories; Wiremesh, Lead sheet, SS products, Copper products, Aluminium sheet; Aluminium sheet with kraft polyer; Screw, Washers, Rivet, Insulation pin, CD pin, Spring, Seals, Clips, Toggle clips, Etc. 

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