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Eastm Thermal Insulating Materials Company (EASTM) is one of the best professional companies that supply insulation materials and accessories in China. It has branches in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen. EASTM supply all insulation materials and accressories for construction walls, roofs, industrial furnaces, ovens, heat-treating, equipment, storage tanks,storage grooves, power houses, flues, petrifaction and oil refining equipment and all kinds of keeping-warm and heat insulation pipelines and all hot service.......


 EASTM own advanced techniques, fineness raw materials, first-glass workmanship, strict quality control, advanced equipment and apparatus that introduced from Japan, America, England, Germany.


 EASTM has the complete and advanced laboratory test apparatus and many international standards and test methods such as ASTM, JIS, BS, GB are adopted. During the whole processing from the raw materials to final produces the quality is strictly controlled by EASTM.


 EASTM ensuring high quality is the best way to provide true customer satisfaction, Which is EASTMs way of serving the customers and making contribution to the society. EASTM aims to not only in products in sales and after sales service as well.


 EASTM has been whole heartedly to the research and manufacture in aspects of building insulation materials with its high-quality products meeting the needs of the customers.


 EASTM has passed the authentication of ISO9001.


 EASTM is the supplier with the largest export quantity and best quality of insulation materials in China today. The insulation materials supplies by EASTM export to South Korea, Japan, Manila, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Middle East and other countries and regions. The annual exportation of EASTM comes up to 30000M3.


 Products supplied by EASTM:


 Calcium silicate pipe cover, Calcium silicate board, Calcium silicate cement; High temperature calcium silicate pipe section, High temperature calcium silicate board; Mineral wool insulation: Mineral wool blanket, Mineral wool pipe section, Mineral wool wired blanket, Mineral wool slab; Glasswool insulation, Glass wool pipe, slab, blanket; Perlite powder, Perlite pipe section, Perlite board, Ceramic fiber blanket, Ceramic fiber board, Ceramic fiber bulk, Ceramic fiber cloth,paper, Ceramic fiber tape, Ceramic fiber rope,  Fiberglass yarn, roving, woven roving, chopped strands, chopped strand mat, SMC, Fiberglass fabric, Fiberglass cloth, Fiberglass mesh, Fiberglass tape, Fiberglass rope, Fiberglass mat, Aluminum foil, Rubber Plastic foam insulation, Phenolic foam,  Polyurethane foam insulation, Polyurethane pipe, slabPIR foam insulation; Foam glass pipe, Foam glass slab; PEF; Aerogel; Accessories; Wiremesh, Lead sheet, SS products, Copper products, Aluminium sheet; Aluminium sheet with kraft polyer; Screw, Washers, Rivet, Insulation pin, CD pin, Spring, Seals, Clips, Toggle clips, Etc.


 Products are larger used in the industries of power, petrol, chemical, steel and textile, construction and shipping for the thermal insulation.


 The principle of EASTM are: Super quality. Best reputation. Satisfactory service.


 EASTM will cordially thank all the partners and customers at home and abroad for sincere cooperation and support. EASTM look forward to further cooperation with friend of all walks of life to create the brilliant future in the coming years.



 Contact:E-mail: theastm@eastm-insulation.com, theastm@163.net  theastm@sina.com

 Tel: 0086 755 25812913,25813083   Fax: 0086 755 25813083  

 Website: www.eastm-insulation.com,  www.insulation-eastm.com



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